Theoretic is a Denver based rock group, and as their name would suggest, they are constantly pushing to explore the boundaries of the genre. Though their sound is fresh, unique and transformative, Theoretic’s history traces back to over a decade ago, where three of the four members walked the halls of Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Tj Wethington (Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar), Chris Herr (Lead Guitar), and Alex Hartman (Drums), developed their musical instincts playing for different bands in the Sioux Falls music scene. Though they loved their hometown, the three chose to leave South Dakota in pursuit of a better life. They didn’t know it at the time, but they would eventually go on to form Theoretic, a group that would truly represent their undeniable passion and creativity.

Immediately upon the groups inception in November of 2016, the boys began writing music that satisfied all of their artistic aspirations. Each member has their own distinctive influences and writing style, but Theoretic chooses to write all of their music collaboratively in an effort to further diversify their eclectic sound and better represent the group as a whole.

Through a process of critical evaluation, TJ, Chris and Alex realized that in order to make the music as incredible as they had always imagined it, they would need to introduce a new element that would bring out the full potential of the group. In a bold move to modernize the bands sound, they brought on 19 year old CU Denver music student Brennan McLaren as their bass and keyboard player.

Since the bands full formation in October of 2017, Theoretic has been playing shows all over the Denver area. From small night clubs on weeknights to finding their way onto larger festival lineups, Theoretic has found a foothold in the Denver community and has no intention of slowing down. Most recently, the group played at the Underground Music Showcase and will have a live recording with KCOS in August.

Throughout this rollercoaster ride, the band has been able to write and record their debut EP “Headlines About Headlines,” a coming of age commentary on love,  political unrest, and the introspective journey to finding meaning in life. Two singles, "Cliffs of Moher" and “Just Hold On” have been released in anticipation to the upcoming EP. They are available on Spotify and most streaming platforms. The record is scheduled to release in November of 2018.